Top email copy connoisseur, Ben Settle, joins Jonathan on this episode of Real Estate Launchpad to talk about building relationships with investor groups between deals through good emails. For the past two decades, Ben has proven the best way to build relationships with your email list and sell more things is through emails – sent daily or even more often than that. Through his monthly Email Players newsletter, Ben teaches others how to write daily email copy that is engaging and informative. Even show host, Jonathan, has benefited from Ben’s training and insight into emails. Don’t miss Ben’s insights into good email copywriting.

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What makes good email copy

Good email copy does not waste people’s time. Ben says to ask yourself before you push send, “does this warrant interrupting someone’s day for this information?” Good emails build relationships. People don’t buy things because of what you are offering, they are buying you. Similarly, real estate investing is a relationship business Whether someone gives your money to invest is based on a relationship. And, email is a tool to help build this relationship so that when a person is ready to invest, they choose you. Be sure to listen to this episode to hear Ben share more on how to use email well in real estate investing.

How to build a quality email list

Ben shares with Jonathan that is not a list guy and all of his contacts on his lists are based on referrals. Nonetheless, he has one of the most responsive lists in the industry. Building a good email list is a slow and gradual process that takes a lot of work. The best lists come from referrals. Ben gains these referrals by sharing industry information with other people’s audiences. These audiences are able to find him and come with a non-defensive posture. These audiences come in warm, wanting to hear what he has to say. Ben makes himself a resource with people whose audiences can become good leads. This does not create a good email list overnight, but it builds a list by being good at what he does. This makes him a trusted source because those joining his list trust someone else’s approval of him.

Should you be afraid of unsubscribes?

Being afraid of email unsubscribes is playing to not lose instead of playing to win. Ben says that he celebrates unsubscribes. His sales continue to rise even with unsubscribes because he continues to build his email lists. He says that he would rather have hot or cold people on his list instead of lukewarm people. He does not want to have those unsure subscribers who need to be convinced of his product or be bargained with. Hot people will come back, and cold people will leave (unsubscribe) and potentially come back. By emailing people on a consistent basis, you get hot people who may buy or those who leave. Ben says to not worry about those opt-outs but to care more about the responsiveness of his list.

The most important parts of an email

Ben lists the parts of an email in order of importance and shares why they fall in that order.

  1. The “from” line. The “from” line is the most important part of an email. If the email is from someone you trust, that means the email will not get deleted immediately when it is seen. Make sure that you are someone your list wants to hear from – a trusted source.
  2. A good subject line. A good subject line helps your email not get ignored or put off until later. Make sure the subject line encourages your list to open your email.
  3. The email. The actual email body itself is also a vital part of an email. This is what is engaging your reader.

In This Episode Ben Settle says…

  • [1:59] Who he is and what he does
  • [4:40] What makes a good email
  • [6:54] Real estate is a relationship business
  • [10:02] How to build a quality list
  • [19:00] A champion circle of influence
  • [22:22] How to start emailing your list
  • [24:35] Should you be afraid of unsubscribes?
  • [33:49] The most important parts of your email
  • [35:46] How to keep a list engaged

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