Passive real estate investing may sound like something that doesn’t really exist, like a unicorn or mermaid. But it’s not. If you are a person with money to invest and are interested in putting your funds to work for you, passive investing in real estate syndications may be the way for you to get the returns you’re looking for.

Jonathan’s guests on this episode are a dynamic team – Julie Lam and Annie Dickerson, co-founders of Good Egg Investments. These two ladies have come on the real estate investing scene quickly and in a big way. They’ve done tens of millions of dollars in deals within a few short months. This conversation highlights how they met, the power of having the right partner, and how they go about building passive real estate deals for investors through multifamily syndications.

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There’s a big difference between passive and active real estate investing

When you think about real estate investing, what are the approaches that come to mind immediately? Fix and flips? Wholesaling? Apartment building investing? Those are the most common responses these days but there is another option for individuals who have the capital to invest but are not interested in doing deals or managing properties.

Are you ready for this? It’s called passive real estate investing. It really does exist.

But if you’re going to invest passively in real estate you need to have a trustworthy connection with the experienced syndicators who manage the deals that can make a good return on your money. That’s where Julie and Annie of Good Egg Investments come in. In this conversation you’ll hear how the Good Egg approach can benefit your investment portfolio in big ways, so be sure you listen.

With Good Egg, successful passive real estate investing begins with education

As with anything, it’s important to know what you’re getting into and to have realistic expectations when it comes to real estate investing. Julie and Annie understand that fact and have created intentional educational opportunities for their investors. In this conversation, you’ll hear them talk about the educational path they walk with their investors, why they feel education is so important for those who invest in real estate passively, and why they are creating their FREE Passive Real Estate Investing Academy (and how you can take advantage of it).

Don’t invest in real estate syndications blindly, learn how to do it the right way from Julie and Annie. Learn how they can help, on this episode of The Real Estate Launchpad.

Julie and Annie meet investors many ways, but Facebook is a significant source

It’s always surprising to hear about the connections and business success stories that come out of simple social media interactions. When Jonathan asked Julie and Annie how they go about finding the people who invest with Good Egg, they immediately started talking about Facebook.

Facebook? Absolutely. The two of them are actively involved in many Facebook Groups that focus on a variety of family-related topics – and they’ve learned what to watch for as signs of financial need, investment interest, or other situations where their expertise as bridge-builders in the real estate investing world can benefit the people they interact with. It’s a fascinating and successful approach, so don’t miss hearing the details of how they make it happen.

Providing families with opportunities to invest passively for a better quality of life

Goodegg Investments started with a dream – a belief that anyone who wants financial freedom should be able to achieve it. The primary vehicle by which that can be done in their view is through real estate investing. In this conversation, Julie and Annie particularly mentioned the benefit passive real estate investing can be to young families and expressed how important it is to them to connect young parents with the opportunities they need to achieve financial independence.

But it’s not only about getting a good return for their investors. They also want to be involved in real estate deals that benefit the communities in which they are happening rather than exploiting them. That’s a tall order, but one that the Good Egg team is committed to.

You won’t want to miss this conversation. The refreshing way Annie and Julie approach building bridges between investors and syndicators is inspiring and their partnership shows what is possible when two people with complementary skills combine their efforts. Don’t miss it.

In This Episode The Good Egg Investments Team says…

  • [0:58] Bridging the gap between deal sponsors and passive investors
  • [2:24] The purpose and story behind Good Egg Investments: connecting investors & syndicators
  • [8:55] The difference between active and passive investing and why it matters
  • [14:50] How Julie and Annie met and discovered the synergy possible between them
  • [24:02] Getting into their first deal together in Huntsville, Alabama
  • [28:19] How Good Egg connects with sponsors, vets them, and builds successful deals
  • [35:45] Meeting investors through Facebook is a real strategy the Good Egg team uses
  • [39:33] The great experience of being women in a male dominated industry
  • [43:11] The 5 year dream for Good Egg Investing: Sponsoring their own deal
  • [45:59] Advice for finding and building a great real estate investing partnership

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