Give Your Investment Business The Boost It Needs!

Introducing Real Estate Launchpad’s Three-Stage Booster Rocket!

Designed to take your multifamily real estate investment business to the next level – instantly – just like a rocket booster!

With the Three-Stage Booster Rocket, you get three of my most popular and powerful resources, all in one place – for FREE!

  • My Quick & Dirty Deal Analyzer to make your first-cut financial analysis a snap!
  • My Newbie to NewPro guide to getting real estate brokers to show you the best deals from Day 1.
  • 11 powerful educational videos – more than 5 hours of content altogether.
Stage 1: Quick & Dirty Multifamily Deal Analyzer Makes It Easy To Analyze Deals Fast

Don’t you wish you had a fast way to determine if a deal makes financial sense or not? Well, my Quick & Dirty financial analyzer helps you quickly decide if a multifamily property is a good deal. It’s easy to use and comes with a free training video explaining everything you need to get the most out of this helpful tool.

Stage 2: “Newbie to New Pro Guide” Gets Brokers To Show You Their Best Deals on Day 1

Are you having trouble breaking out of the “newbie zone” with brokers? Wish they’d stop asking you for “proof of funds”? Wish you could see the best deals from Day 1 – even without a track record in real estate?

Then you need my ultimate transformational guide, “Newbie to New Pro in 21 Days!” Follow the instructions in this 17-page booklet, and your discussions with brokers will change dramatically and the quality of the deals you see will improve practically overnight.

Stage 3: More Than 5 Hours of Valuable Video Trainings!

    The Real Estate Launchpad Three-Stage Booster Rocket comes with 11 valuable video trainings to get your investment career off the ground!

    Approximately 5 hours of free videos that teach you:

    • How you can replace your income with profits from multifamily real estate (Video 1)
    • The key steps to funding real estate deals, even if you lack the money to do it yourself (a.k.a. “syndication”) (Video 2)
    • What you must do to track your investor contacts to avoid a surprise from the SEC (Video 3)


    • Why commercial mortgages usually throw new investors for a loop – and how to avoid it. (Video 4)
    • Was tax reform actually good for commercial real estate? (Video 5)
    • Is the multifamily real estate market really in a slow-motion correction unnoticed by most investors? (Video 6)
    • A recession is coming. Here’s how you identify the most recession-resistant investment markets. (Video 7)
    • How to break into multifamily real estate investment without money, deals, or experience. (Video 8)
    • Do you really understand what a “cap rate” is? (Video 9)
    • The best ways to identify good markets for investment (out-of-state investing) (Video 10)
    • How sophisticated investors do Section 1031 exchanges – and why most people are getting this very wrong. (Video 11)

    To get all these valuable resources for FREE, just sign up here:

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